Production of cement bags.

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Off-road vehicle (UTV)

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G&L Internacional S.A. is an Argentine company that has been involved in the international trade industry for more than 10 years. Our motivation is professionalism and commitment when facing all our businesses, both at a national and international level.
Our company is formed by a group of experts with vast experience in international markets and a wide network of providers and agents.
G&L Internacional S.A.’s goal is to provide our expertise and experience to all companies that need to broaden their markets, being a reliable and efficient leader with a clear vision of relevant competitiveness in international markets.



Comercial Offices:

Av. Del Libertador 264 Piso 3 Frente
(1638) Vte. Lopez – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Tel./Fax: 54 – 11 – 4791-1025
e-mail. gl@gl-internacional.com.ar

Industrial Plant:

Merlo 6835 – Parque Industrial Olavarria (PIO V) - (7400)
Olavarría - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel.: 54 - 02284 – 424732